"Starting with the tenor protagonist, Shanul Sharma, with lightning-fast and radiant high notes, which fill the theatre, ample technical and scenic confidence, with an important charisma. A true king even if the physique is small and slender. The authoritative posture, in addition to the penetrating gaze, makes the idea of the monarch." (Translated from Italian)
Cristina Miriam Chiaffoni 'Mitridate, Re di Ponto', VicenzainLirica, Sep 2021
"....the eponymous role, terribly demanding, the Indian tenor Shanul Sharma, a singing figure of considerable depth, stylistically informed, with eloquent phrasing, was summoned." (Translated from Italian)
Gilberto Mion, 'Mitridate, Re di Ponto', VicenzainLirica, Sep 2021
"The protagonist, Shanul Sharma embodies King Mitridate with evident rigor and an excellent voice." (Translated from Italian)
Francesco Bettin, 'Mitridate, Re di Ponto', VicenzainLirica, Sep 2021
"Shanul Sharma, whose score is really very difficult with the tremendous jumps from very low to high....he has an irrepressible look on him that has gained wide acceptance from the public."(Translated from Italian)
Maria Teresa Giovagnoli, MTGLirica'Mitridate, Re di Ponto', VicenzainLirica, Sep 2021
The protagonist Mitridate, who of these impossible parts is perhaps the most impossible,....maintained the jumps well and easy, and then he gets along very well even when he has to trill.(Translated from Italian)
Alberto Mattioli, La Stampa'Mitridate, Re di Ponto', VicenzainLirica, Sep 2021
"Sharma has a voice that exemplifies the principles of bel canto – an ease throughout his much extended range, musical clarity in all fioritura and a melting command of morbidezza...."
Victoria Watson, SoundlikeSydney 'Il viaggio a Reims', Opera Australia October 2019
"Sharma handled Libenskof's high mix of coloratura and bel canto with great delicacy"
Jeremy Eccles Bachtrack 'Il viaggio a Reims', Opera Australia October 2019
"Particular mention must be made of tenor Shanul Sharma. The role of the student is extraordinarily demanding, and he was flawless throughout, depicting the considerable emotional range throughout the vocal demands"
Peter Hurley, Classic Melbourne 'Ghost Sonata', Opera Australia September 2019
"As the student, tenor Shanul Sharma, delivers the angular atonal energy of Reimann’s vocal line with resplendent clarity, precision and beauty of sound even when the melodic shapes are so sharp-cornered to almost to seem self-parodies."
Peter Macallum Sydney Morning Herald, 'Ghost Sonata', Opera Australia September 2019
"Shanul Sharma....brings a clean, springy tenor to Reimann’s angular lines for The Student....Sharma wields his instrument with laser-like precision and exemplary diction, in a vocally demanding role"
Angus McPherson Limelight, 'Ghost Sonata', Opera Australia September 2019
"Shanul Sharma’s high tenor voice negotiated with seeming ease the demands of The Student’s part, even when it went up to a stratospherically high E flat."
David Larkin Bachtrack, 'Ghost Sonata', Opera Australia September 2019
"In a long list of compelling performances, radiant Rossini-fit young tenor and newish to the ranks of OA, Shanul Sharma’s passionate Libenskof deserves special mention."
Paul Selar Herald Sun, 'Il viaggio a Reims', Opera Australia May 2019
"Of the large cast, Ruth Iniesta, Emma Pearson and Shanul Sharma provide dazzling vocal fireworks and the always superb Giorgio Caoduro shows genuine comic capabilities."
Bridget Davies The Age, 'Il viaggio a Reims', Opera Australia May 2019
"Stand-outs among that 14, comprising three sopranos, two tenors, four baritones, four basses and a contralto, include Ruth Iniesta....The high tessitura and lovely Italian diction of Indian-Australian tenor Shanul Sharma (Count Libenskof) impressed, while New-Zealand-Australian Teddy Tahu Rhodes (Lord Sidney) showed that his rich bass is as beautiful as ever."
Patricia Maunder Limelight Magazine, "Il viaggio a Reims", Opera Australia May 2019
"It is difficult to single out particular performances in such a strong cast.  However, Don Profondo (Giorgio Caoduro) singing the fiendishly fast and wordy 'catalogue' aria Medaglie a particular highlight, as is the tender duet between the Conte di Libenskof (Shanul Sharma) and the Marchesa Malibea (Sian Sharp)."
Alex Armstrong StageWhispers, 'Il viaggio a Reims', Opera Australia May 2019
"Charming act three duet “D’alma celeste, oh Dio!” is beautifully sung and performed by Sian Sharp and Shanul Sharma....In his most significant Opera Australia role to date, Sharma sings with the perfect light Rossini crispness, and makes a suitably sultry leading man."
Simon Parris, 'Il viaggio a Reims', Opera Australia May 2019
"There are 14 major parts, and the composer has ingeniously allowed each of them to shine. Everyone, from Giorgio Caoduro and Sian Sharp in the lower registers, through the golden tenors of Shanul Sharma and Juan de Dios Mateos, to the virtuosic sopranos Emma Pearson and Ruth Iniesta, are uniformly magnificent"
Tim Byrne TimeOut Melbourne, 'Il viaggio a Reims'', Opera Australia May 2019
"Sharma, is magnificent in the tenor role of Count Almaviva. He not only has an astounding voice but he also establishes a superb characterisation"
Barry Lenny, 'The barber of Seville', Co-Opera May 2018
"Shanul Sharma as Almaviva is a handsome and stylish performer. The astonishing demands in his music are met fearlessly, top notes launched with ease, elaborate ornamentation delivered with a flourish."
Ewart Shaw, The Advertiser 'The Barber of Seville', Co-Opera May 2018
(Translated from Italian)
"As for the male voices, we particularly liked that of Shanul Sharma, tenor, who played the role of 'Il Conte di Libenskof' beautifully"
PU24.IT 'Il viaggio a Reims', Rossini Opera Festival, Pesaro August 2018
(Translated from Italian)
"Shanul Sharma had very nice high notes that delighted the audience with a very clean final high D flat in 'Cujus animam gementem"
Domenico Pizzamiglio, 'Rossini Stabat Mater', LaVerdi, Milano October 2018
"The concert began with the confident and charming Shanul Sharma bringing a thrill or two (or three) with Tonio’s bright and happy Ah! Mes amis from Donizetti’s La Fille du Régiment. The Indian born former heavy metal bands vocalist displayed a natural elegance of vocal and performance style."
Mike Smith, Art Scene in Wales, Cardiff Singer of the World, Wales Millenium Centre June 2017
"I first heard Shanul Sharma, in Lyric Opera’s production of Werther and was amazed at how well his extraordinary, high tenor has grown in strength and substance. He retains the ease of production on the high notes with a secure high D in his first Rossini aria and a string of top Cs in his second. It is a rare voice that also possesses spectacular flexibility and an appealing timbre."
Heather Leviston,, '2017 Herald Sun Aria Final', Hamer Hall October 2017
"Sharma’s distinctive tenor voice with its extraordinary upper extension and flexibility was very well suited to the demands of Rossini’s more florid passages. He made an appealingly sensitive lover whom you couldn’t help but cheer on no matter how outrageous his claims."
Heather Leviston,, 'Il Signor Bruschino', Lyric Opera of Melbourne June 2016
"....Shanul Sharma stole the night. Highlight of the night for me? Shanul Sharma's top to bottom gripping rendition of Donizetti's "Ah! Mes Amis".
Paul Selar, Operachaser, 'Opera in the Market' February 2016
"Shanul Sharma presents Werther with a playful and impetuous urgency and a soulful robust masculinity in his attempts to win for Charlotte’s love. With just a smattering of opera credits since finding his way into opera from heavy metal less than two years ago, Sharma exhibits unselfconscious confidence, plentiful vocal steam and a powerful high range."
Paul Selar,, 'Werther' Lyric Opera of Melbourne Oct 2014
"One-time heavy metal singer Shanul Sharma makes an auspicious debut in the title role, his rather exciting tenor voice reaching any and all high notes with relative ease.....Sharma’s kind eyes and gentle nature suited the role of ardent, lovelorn poet Werther. His performance of well-known aria “Pourquoi me réveiller?” is a highpoint of the opera."
Simon Parris,, 'Werther' Lyric Opera of Melbourne Oct 2014
Sharma’s performance was convincing proof that difference can be an asset by illuminating different qualities in the role.....His portrayal of ardent poetic sensibility, drawn to the charms of nature, the innocence of children and Charlotte’s empathetic warmth, was well projected and engaged the sympathies of the audience."
Jodie Hutchinson,, 'Werther' Lyric Opera of Melbourne Oct 2014